Monday, March 11, 2013


We spent our weekend spot climbing at Smith Rock. We didn't climb anything too crazy...just tried to get a feel for things & find our bearings.

It's so beautiful, and there are so. many. climbers. EVERYWHERE. AND they're all super nice. It's awesome.

We camped on Saturday. Cold camping. Cuddly camping.

I know we'll be back there soon, and I'm glad. It's a beautiful place.

Debateably it's even more beautiful than the meal we had on the way home.

We were so, so impressed with Three Creeks Brewing in Sisters. We were starving at the end of the weekend, and still had a long trip over the pass. The meal was:

•Tillamook Cheese dip with garlic bread & pears
•A crazy burger for Aaron, a burrito bowl for me
•Marionberry Cobbler with homemade ice cream

Until the other day, when I saw some marionberry-flavored Tillamook yogurt in the fridge at work, I thought Marionberries were a thing Portlandia made up to be funny.

Upon further Wikipedia-based research, it turns out that marionberries are native to Oregon. In 2009 there was a proposal in the state legislature to make marionberries the official berry of Oregon. BUT, the proposal didn't pass...because everyone was worried about making the other berries feel bad (and you know, hurting their sales).

This is where we live now.

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Rebekah H said...

This is one of my favorite posts of yours ever. Oregon is awesome. So are marionberries. Just wait until you have some fresh ones! :) Glad you guys had a nice trip.