Sunday, March 24, 2013


So, I'm knitting. I tried once before - high school? I was not very patient back then, and I don't think I've improved significantly on that level, but, for some reason this has seemed like a good idea lately.

I slipped in to Michael's last week to pick up some yarn & needles. There are a ton of great, local craft stores in the area, but I don't feel legit enough to shop at them yet. I need to figure this stuff out before I spend significant money buying pretty yarn & tools.

It's something I'd like to be good at. I feel that way about most things I do, of course, but because of impatience, I despise practice. Then again, when you're knitting stitch after stitch and row after row, thats really all the whole thing is. And yes, I've made a few mistakes!

I'm learning, and I'm telling myself that it's OK.

My biggest mistake so far was accidentally picking out LSU (& Lakers) colors for my first project. I didn't think about that at all! ...oh well.

Knitting is relaxing! I'm loving it, actually. For now?

We'll see. Please comment with your encouragement to let the crafty girl buried deep inside of me loose.

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Rebekah H said...

Lakers? LSU? All I see is Gryffindor :)