Sunday, January 13, 2013

This has been a very un-blog-worthy, un-rememberable weekend.

It was freakishly warm, though.

(There's probably a certain age where a girl should stop taking pictures of her feet. I'm not 26 yet, though, so we'll say it's somewhere past there. I also painted my nails with this awesome purplish blue. love.)

On Friday night, we went on part 1 of our grocery shopping mission to the organic grocery store. After that, instead of eating all the delicious food we'd just purchased, we went to eat at El Rey Burrito Lounge, which was delicious. We were planning on seeing Anna Karenina after that, but we took too long and drank too much.

I ran 11 miles this weekend.

Most of Saturday was spent completing chores & addressing wedding invitations (or at least the RSVPs). Very productive.

I made Laura Vitale's roast potatoes for a snack, and some alfredo with a goat cheese-roasted red pepper sauce. I will never stop roasting vegetables. Never.

Today? Not so productive. It's raining. Hopefully that will cool things off. We went to Birmingham. Ate Chipotle & Cheesecake. Climbed at the gym. Bought Boone a toy, which he's annoyingly chewing on beside me as I write this. Of course, I'm not actually annoyed. I'm seriously comforted by the adoration of the little monster.

I read on the way home.

I'm catching up on YouTube videos & Tumblr posts & watching Girls, which was shipped to me much earlier this week, but which I hadn't had time or focus to start until now. I'm loving it, obviously. I knew I would.

I'm also glad my life isn't much like it. I can relate to some [most?] of it, sure. But, I'd much rather live quietly in my little apartment with my dog and the man of my dreams. That's really all I need.

This week will be busy. Stressful. Important? Maybe. I'll let you know.

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