Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday five

1. Parks & Rec

I finally caught up with the show last weekend, so I got to watch my first real-time episode in many, many seasons. Loving it.

2. Chai tea & bagels

Aaron's new years resolution was/is to shop local. So, instead of hitting up Starbucks and Panera occasionally, we've been hitting up our local coffee house/bakery, Cafe Louisa, way more often. Their bagels are delicious, and I don't like Starbucks Chai. The food is great; the atmosphere is cozy, and now we're of course questioning over and over again why we haven't been hanging out there all along.

3. Long runs

Extenuating circumstances (or maybe just laziness), caused me to not run at all last week. I've done 20 miles so far this week, putting me at 70 miles so far for the month/year. I'd really like to make it to 100 by the end of January, and I think my planned 13-mile run this weekend will help me get there!

4. Laundry & goodbyes

Am I the only one that puts off laundry until the last possible second? We got a lot of it done this week, which was super nice. But, we had to get a lot of it done because Aaron left today to go home to Little Rock & fly to Colorado with his mom & brother. They're going skiing I booked my own trip to Portland to see my friend Rebekah. I'm leaving Wednesday after work, but I'll be home alone for the next several days. Hmph.

5. Soba noodles

I've been hearing a lot and seeing a lot of great recipes lately including soba noodles, so I ordered some of my own! They'll be here on Saturday, and be in my belly shortly after that. Can't wait!

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