Monday, January 28, 2013

Oh, Lena

When I'm alone I tend to read and watch and eat and do really strange things. I consider it a sign of the times. I'm not supposed to be on my own anymore trying to play Taylor Swift songs on my ukulele & rewatching Gilmore Girls for the millionth time.

But, Aaron is out of town all week, so, unfortunately, those things are just going to happen.

Fortunately, I didn't just watch Gilmore girls & the Office & Parks and Rec all weekend.

I made it my unofficial Lena Dunham weekend. I watched her film, "Tiny Furniture", and many of the "Girls" special features.

I like all of it a lot, but for some reason, it's not my favorite thing in the world. I think it's because I relate to what she's doing a lot, and I think "Hey, I could do that. I could act like life is really that awkward, when it's really just ALMOST that awkward."

The thing about it...and the thing about blogs like Thought Catalog and all that great stuff, is.... they act like, for your life to mean anything, you have to live in New York.

Screw that. The city is beautiful and amazing, but I haven't wanted to live there since I was about 16. That dream faded awhile ago, and now I'm actually headed West. But more about that another day. :)

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