Saturday, January 26, 2013


I ran seven miles this morning. I'm planning more for tomorrow, and everybody knows that there's nothing better than a post-run smoothie in terms of recovery & refreshment & ...amazing.

My old blender was a hand-me-down that my mom had in college (in the '70s!). It died last fall, and I was blenderless until Christmas, when the aforementioned mother gave me the best blender/food processor combo in the world.

I've used them for approximately 85 percent of meals at home since then. I'm in love. The first smoothie I made with my new best friend was a green one: with coconut milk, green apple, spinach & lime.

This one, much more "traditional". I think my ideal smoothie is strawberry-peach-banana, but peaches aren't in season yet, and the blueberries taste great anyway.


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