Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reading Joy Harjo

I just finished these two great books by Joy Harjo. This was the first book of poetry I've read this year, and I decided to do so after reading her memoir.

The lady had a crazy tough life, which she writes about in her memoir. It's amazing to see and read about how she ended up on the other end of it all.

"Indian Poetry" as a genre has been interesting to me since I discovered Alexie Sherman on my own in high school, and later studied him in my postmodern American poetry class in college, which, coincidentally, was the best English class I took in my career as an English minor.

From what I've read about Harjo, people like to talk about how she's such a strong woman and a strong feminist. I kind of take that for granted in the female poetry I read. What struck me was her relationship to the world around her: to the horses (duh), but also the people (which the horses are basically a metaphor for), and the moon and the sky and the roads she's traveled.

I hope I can get around to reading more of her work eventually.

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