Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I was so lucky that I got to spend a few days at the beach with my dad at the end of last week. It was glorious. He had been there for almost two weeks when I finally made it down. It's something he likes to do because it's so restorative.

We relaxed after my three-hour drive on Wednesday night with some West Wing watching and potato skins.

I started Thursday with a five mile run that ended here:

…I was there before all of this:

And one of my favorite things to do when we're at the beach is go to the zoo with my dad. I feel weird about zoos sometimes, but the Gulf Breeze Zoo is very nice to its animals. You should visit them if you ever get the chance. My favorite part is petting and feeding the llamas, pigs and goats!

Thursday was beautiful, but on Friday we weren't so lucky, so I made my way back to Alabama.

I hope you got to do something restorative this weekend too.

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Rebekah H said...

Love the photos :) I'm glad you had a good time with your dad.