Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Nancy Jo, this is Alexis Neiers calling."

This is the story of how the Bling Ring, Pretty Wild and Alexis Neiers stole the first half of my week.

I had other blogs planned this week. On Monday, though, I was extremely tired for some reason. I crawled into bed, but couldn't fall asleep. I remembered that I'd downloaded the Bling Ring book onto my kindle earlier that day, so I picked it up.

I hadn't really been planning on reading the book. I've been excited about the film coming out soon because of Emma Watson and Sophia Coppola and I'd been an extremely casual follower of the Bling Ring crime ring back in the day. I didn't really know who Alexis Neiers was or that Pretty Wild existed.

If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about either, this is how I got there....

Nancy Jo Sales wrote a book about the Bling Ring crime ring, heavily featuring Alexis Neiers who was involved with the robberies. Neiers also starred in the 9-episode reality television show Pretty Wild, which follows her from her initial arrest through to her trial and bargain - just before she spent a mere 30 days in jail for her crimes.

Monday: read the book in one sitting and watched episodes 1-3
Tuesday: episodes 3-5
Wednesday: episodes 6-9
Thursday: this blog post...

And, of course, Alexis Neiers and her sister Tess - the stars of the show are absolutely ridiculous. There is crying. There is squeeeee-ing, partying, pole dancing. There is the complete abandoning of an adorable French bulldog. What else do you need, folks?

The answer is nothing...except the film itself. Can't wait

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