Monday, April 29, 2013


This weekend was pretty much photoless, unfortunately. I think there's something about this PERFECT weather that just makes me want to experience it unhindered by my camera's lens ...or my glasses lenses.

But, I can still tell you about it, right? Right.

Saturday morning, we woke up late-ish. We had a basic plan for the day in mind, and after a short run and a bit of breakfast, I showered and we made our way, for the first time ever, to the Corvallis Farmer's Market. I'm pretty sure the whole town was there.

I bought some lettuce and some garlic and talked to a very nice woman who sold me some goat cheese. We walked around the river front and found two other Boston terriers for Boone to meet. It's funny how dogs of the same breed tend to gravitate toward each other. Boone will always play with another Boston, Boxer, Frenchie, Pit Bull or Pug at the park before any other dogs.

And the dog park was our second stop. There weren't too many dogs there, though, since everyone was busy at the Farmer's Market, but it was the perfect day to sit under a shady tree.

We hit the fancy grocery store on the way home and had a low-key night at home, even finding time to clean the apartment and watch Safety Not Guaranteed, which we'd been meaning to do. I loved it. I kind of want to watch it again.

If Saturday was our day "in town," Sunday was our day "on campus." We arrived just after the first pitch to the last game in OSU's series against USC. While waiting in line for tickets, the people in front of us asked us if we planned on purchasing tickets there.

We said yes, and they handed us two tickets on the third baseline! People here are so nice, I can't stand it. We ate terrible game food: nachos & hotdogs & dippin dots. We stayed until the end of the 7th inning because OSU had a nice lead, and we wanted to go to the climbing gym, where we stayed for almost three hours. I'm finally excited about climbing on ropes again. Weather willing, we'll have a Smith Rock adventure next weekend, and I'll actually climb something worth mentioning.

Once home, we took Boone for a walk and took care of all of those Sunday evening loose ends. I wanted to do more baking, which will hopefully now happen at some point this week. Assuming I don't cook anything interesting, I'll see you guys on Thursday.

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