Thursday, August 8, 2013

TBT: Mark Twain Hall

My college friends and I have been a buzz this week about the renovation of the dorm we all lived in.

I moved into Mark Twain Hall my second semester freshman year. I initially lived in a much "nicer" dorm on the other side of campus, but I found friends in Mark Twain, and I wanted to be closer to them. Closer to the journalism school. Closer to downtown. Closer to life.

Here's what my room looked like back then.

Nice. Bright. Happy. Plenty of stuffed animals. Plenty of posters.

I stayed for another year in another room with another friend next door to girls who became my best friends...

It makes me a little sad that it doesn't look like this anymore. That the bathrooms aren't as crappy and ridiculous. That the dining hall isn't small and humble: a well-kept secret, just for those of us that lived on that secluded side of campus.

Lots of collegey things happened to me in Mark Twain. I made friends, played silly games, wrote papers, ate tons of "pokey sticks", drank alcohol behind locked doors (because I'm such a rebel...). Actually, that's honestly probably the most rebellious thing I have ever done. I lead a pretty safe, rule-following life.

I worked at the front desk and had to run to throw up in the mail room during one ill-fated hungover morning. I don't drink like that anymore! I played Tetris and fell asleep on other peoples' beds watching movies. I got written up for being "too loud" during "quiet hours". That write-up was later expunged....

I hope that the changes they've made to the building really do help more Mizzou students to have similar awesome experiences.

In any case, they have the smoke stacks, which we always joked about, but which I'll always remember after waking up every day to the smoke and the fog outside my sixth and seventh-floor windows. They have also probably facilitated future cancer cases for all of us. I have a theory that we'll all get called up in 20 years for some kind of medical study on the affects of living that close to a power plant.

Eh. Worth it.

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