Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Arkansas de Mayo

Cheesedip was the most Mexican thing I could come up with on Cinco de Mayo, but it's really more Arkansan. We actually invited it.

I had a hankering, but I didn't have my usual Velveeta & Rotel on hand. (Yes, this is how I usually make cheese dip at home, and yes, this is the only time I ever consume "cheese product". Sorry, not sorry)

So, I improvised with some "real" cheese. This is what I used:

2 Tablespoons of butter
4ish Tablespoons of flour
1/4ish cup milk
1 teaspoon cayenne
Lots (2 cups?) of cheese. I used Tillamook's medium cheddar
A Splash of your favorite salsa (I used Safeway brand's 'garlic lovers')

The process is simple: Over medium heat, melt the butter. Add flour & combine. Don't be scared when it clumps. Next, add milk & cayenne. Then cheese (let melt), then salsa, adjusting for taste. I used more than a splash, lets just say.

Bam. Cheese dip. I was pretty proud of it. It squelched my craving at least.

Let me know if you make it & like it. :)

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