Monday, May 19, 2014

Tea time - reviews

I drink a good amount of tea. At least one cup a day. Sometimes up to 5 or so cups? I'm always looking for new and interesting flavor combinations. Here are a few I've been lovely lately:

Celestial Seasonings' Honey Vanilla Chai. I don't LOVE Chai tea by itself, but I love all things honey-vanilla. I especially love Celestial Seasonings' Honey Vanilla Chamomile, so I figured I'd take a chance on this one. It is smooth and delicious, and awakening. I like it in the morning... I like it with a good piece of bread....

Republic of Tea's Blackberry Sage black tea. I bought this one on a recommendation because I don't LOVE fruity teas. Though, I guess now I should amend that to: I don't like fruity herbal teas. This black tea is NICE. It's not too fruity. The sage makes it taste really clean and fresh. It's decaf, so I can drink it all day long. It's refreshing, and I think it would also be great iced!

Yogi's Egyptian Licorice and Mint. I wanted to try a licorice and mint tea, and I'm pretty sure it's a very British combination. I ordered some Pukka licorice & mint tea off Amazon, but it was SO expensive, and I think I like the Yogi version better. It's more minty, and the sweetness of the licorice doesn't hit me until the very end. If you don't like licorice, I think this is still worth a try, because the flavor is just sort of....sweet. This is more of a cold-weather tea, though, and thankfully, we are moving into the warm.

I've mostly been drinking my tea out of my new mug:

I'm obsessed. I saw this mug back in October, I think, and I wanted it. The problem is that I have too many mugs. Like t-shirts, they're just one of those things you collect accidentally and have a hard time getting rid of because of the emotion and memories attached to them.

Last week, we had to make a quick trip home to say goodbye to Aaron's grandmother. On the way out of Little Rock, we stopped at the airport Starbucks for my third Oprah Chai of the trip, and I noticed this mug. The very last one. I'm convinced. I bought it. I have it with me at work, where I do the majority of my tea drinking. It makes me happy. Once again, it's the little things....

I hope this post was interesting to someone...anyone. And I hope it inspires you to try new things! It's almost always worth it!

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