Monday, July 18, 2011

red pepper soup

I have so many talented friends. Rebekah has been blogging about her culinary efforts for the past few weeks now. Her blog has been getting lots of hits and comments, and I'm super proud of her.

Rebekah was one the girl who actually used the kitchen in our dorm freshman year to bake delicious pumpkin cookies for everyone. When I lived with her in London, she made amazing salads, pasta and couscous after confusing trips to Tesco and Sainsbury's. And now....well, you can read her blog for yourself.

I've always been jealous, not just of the fact that she can cook, but of the fact that she LOVES it. Generally, cooking makes me anxious. Especially when it's for other people. I'm terrified of something going wrong. The day I took Thanksgiving dressing to work, I thought I was going to have a panic attack when I had to go off on an interview without tasting it first. What if something had gone terribly wrong?

I came home to an empty pan, though. And people couldn't stop talking about it.

After a weekend out of town, I really just wanted to cook for myself this evening. I milled around the grocery store after work and googled some recipes. I came up with this one. And decided to adapt it...

It still seems ridiculous to me that this...

can turn into soup...

Unlike Rebekah, who, after years of friendship, I've decided must have super powers, I'm a realist. Yes, I have soup. But I also have a begging puppy dog and a mess to clean up.


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onelonelyapricot said...

I can't believe you're able to enjoy soup in such heat! I guess your dining area is more chilled than mine so maybe the time of year doesn't make much of a difference. That looks like a good recipe. Maybe I will freeze some of our red peppers and tomatoes and make it in the fall. :)